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Dubrovnik: Wander & Style

 #Travel #Fashion #PhotoJournal / Style - 19th May 2016

Unpopular opinion, however I am not a fan of Game of Thrones, in the slightest. Such is my level of ignorance that upon deciding to venture to Dubrovnik for a long weekend I was completely dumb-founded by the official GoT merchandise store that presented itself as first sight at the airport. Apparently a very large portion of the series is filmed within the city walls of Dubrovnik's old town and such the Adriatic resort has seen a recent spike in tourists making the trip to see for themselves. And I can see why, GoT fanatic or not, the mountainous back-drop to an icon old city and a glorious blue coast line are a set worthy of any lens, or eyes...

Paris: Autumn & Spring

 #Travel #Photojournal / Wander - 5th May 2016

Two trips to Paris with a winter sandwich in between. The sun brightens the romantic skyline in September and April. Here is a collection of some of the images I captured on both my encounters with the French Capital....

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