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A Narrative Too Complex

 #Orlando #SocialMedia #LGBT / Ramble - 14th June 16

Massacre, madness, unity, love, and the ugly side of the news; this week has had it all. When I would usually withhold opinion or be exhausted with apathy; the events of the past few days have made me realise we all have a voice, one we have to use no matter how small, to not succumb to the calculative political agenda of others...

Why I Love Pro-Wrestling

 #WhyILove #YoureNotTheBossOfMeNow / Ramble - 22nd May 2016

I first fell in love with pro-wrestling aged 3. It was Christmas 1991. My family, immediate and extended had cemented its middle class status by renting a cottage in some remote village in the peak district, papering over the cracks of dysfunctionally with festivities in a charming, all be it ill-sized, abode. This is my earliest recollection of pro-wrestling however I had been, presumably, introduced to it at some point long before this visit as the highlight of the entire stay, besides a ping-pong table positioned in an attic with a very questionable floor, was the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping, jointly with my older brother, the 1991 5th Annual WWF Survivor Series on VHS...

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