May Mixtape

Beats | 5th May 2016

 #SunshineTunes #NewMusic


Each month I'll compile a playlist to bring you 20 tunes that set the mood corssed with some of the freshest new beats that are getting my ears excited. The past month has seen some my favourites drop new tracks and albums, from the biggies like Bey and Blake feat. Bon to a soothing collaboration with KAYTRANDA and River Tibre. The sun has also made its long awaited debut so I've mixed in some classic that give yo the start of summer feel. Check the May Mixtape:

/ 1. I Need A Forest Fire

James Blake / Bon Iver


/ 2. Last Forever



/ 3. Games



/ 4. Liquor Store Blues

Bruno Mars / Damien Marley


/ 5. A Movie Script Ending

Death Cab for Cutie


/ 6. Entropy



/ 7. Sweet (A La La La Long)

Izzy Bizu


/ 8. Loud Places

Jamie XX / Romy



Beyonce / Jack White


/ 10. Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)

Childish Gambino


/ 11. Frank's Track

Kanye West / Frank Ocean


/ 12. Nobody Speak

DJ Shadow / Run The Jewels


/ 13. BUS RIDE

KAYTRANDA / Karriem Riggins / River Tibre


/ 14. Past Lives

Local Natives


/ 15. Bloom Forever

Thomas Cohen


/ 16. West

River Tibre


/ 17. 4 Degrees



/ 18. 24/7



/ 19. Only



/ 20. Outro for NYC


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