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Wander | Style | 19th May 2016

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Unpopular opinion, however I am not a fan of Game of Thrones, in the slightest. Such is my level of ignorance that upon deciding to venture to Dubrovnik for a long weekend I was completely dumb-founded by the official GoT merchandise store that presented itself as first sight at the airport. Apparently a very large portion of the series is filmed within the city walls of Dubrovnik's old town and as such the Adriatic resort has seen a recent spike in tourists making the trip to see it for themselves. And I can see why, GoT fanatic or not, the mountainous back-drop to an icon old city and a glorious blue coast line are a set worthy of any lens, or eyes.

Dubrovnik's Old Town - from the City Walls

We flew with Monarch from Gatwick, which apart from underestimating the distance, and a total freak out about booking the wrong terminal parking (I hadn't - thankfully), was flawless, if unremarkable. In terms of timing and costs of flights though Monarch offered the best by a mile. And unless you fancy a stop-over in Zagreb, Gatwick is likely to be your departure airport if flying from the UK.

Adriatic Luxury Hotel's Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik - Some Photos courtesy of ALH

/ Style: Stay

I booked transfers through Hoppa - which we'd never done before, however would totally do again. Although marginally costly compared to public transit at £50 return for 2, the pick up and collection was so smooth, and given we were venturing to a slightly out of central hotel, it took any worry out of the equation. Booking online and paying in pounds, all in it gets a big thumbs up.


In terms of where for accommodation, the Adriatic Luxury Hotel chain is next in line for a serious love in. We stayed at Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik and in terms of style, this place had it all. Located in Lapad, a ten minute ride from the old town, the suburb does feel a bit holiday resort-y but with more than enough character for you to really appreciate your location. The hotel itself backs on to a dramatic coast lined with pine trees and mountains, the combination of which give a view to be glued to. The extra £20 per night for a superior room with sea view and balcony is worth every penny.


In terms of interior this place is style personified. Opening last year, the place screams contemporary; which you may think will make you long for some character. However, this place simply becomes a beautifully clean frame for the amazing scenery, much like our websites...

Never Growing Up (L-R): Stussy Cap, Carhatt WIP Vest, Blood Brother Trainer, Cheap Monday Tee, Blood Brother Long Line Shirt

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On site facilities included the reasonable Sphere restaurant and cocktail bar - which delivered a complimentary continental breakfast buffet, clear water outdoor and indoor pools, the later of which accompanied a Finnish steam room and sauna along with a Wellness Spa. On day 3 we chilled out here and treated ourselves to massages, which were more than up to their billing of Croatia’s finest.

If you're looking for style and the ultimate content for photography the old town is where you need to go. The city wall walk, Game of Thrones fan or not, gives you panoramic views of coast, mountains and the town itself - or go one further and brace the heights (that scared the shit out of me) and ride the cable car to take in the whole of the Dubrovnik region, and grabs some munch at the top while you are there.


Finally, a boat out to one of the adjacent islands if the weather is good is worth fighting off a small bout of seasickness. We hit Lokrum 600 meters from the main port. The small island is basically one big national park and inhabited (owned by) by some pretty impressive (freaky ass) peacocks. I couldn’t resisting giving the beautiful blue waters a try too and took the Go-Pro over the rocks and into the deep. Oh, and there's a nudist beach too, just in case.


I'll wrap up on Dubrovnik style with some fashion choices. We booked this all a bit last minute and I got a bit carried away with the prospect of finally getting some sun on my pasty body, and using said sun as an excuse to continue to dress like the skate inspired man child that I am. I've grown up with brands like Stussy & Carhatt WIP and teamed this cap and vest (exposing said white skinny arms tremendously.)

I'm pretty obsessed with everything London brand Blood Brother do. My Fleck Pitt trainers were the perfect footwear to explore the multiple terrain and are smart enough to pull off evening wear too - just about. And just to confirm the obsession, this BB long-line tee was perfect for carrying around and throwing on when the inevitable May clouds made an appearance.

All in Dubrovnik offered the best style going for a short get away, and we got some epic content. Look out for Wonderful You's blog and Vlog soon!



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